Celebrations on motorship


A wedding on a pleasure boat in St Petersburg is the perfect way to celebrate the main event of your life!

Graduation parties

We offer you an organization of the best Graduation party – the Graduation party on a boat on the rivers of Saint Petersburg where the Scarlet Sails – the student’s massive holiday with lights effects and fireworks takes place at the same time.

Birthday parties

Birthday pleasure boat party cruise in Saint Petersburg will let you forget the routine and relax while chatting with your friends and breathing fresh river air.

Corporate rest and business meetings

We propose not only corporate parties but also seminars, conferences, teambuilding trainings, workshops, competitions and negotiations organization. A wonderful view from the boat deck makes you feel good and favors successful communication during a business appointment or event.

We offer you to organize a party on a pleasure boat at a low price and in the shortest time. On your request we can offer you a cozy and comfortable boat which can transform your party into an unusual event. You will also enjoy pleasant music thanks to the powerful stereo system, exquisite dishes and a picturesque view on Saint Petersburg that you can have from the deck.

We cooperate with the best catering companies of the city. So, you don’t need to worry about qualified service and varied high-class menus.