Here you may find all frequently asked questions, regarding boat rent and providing of additional services.
If you haven’t found the answer to your question in here, please contact our phone manager on:
+7 (911) 924-44-52.
Is there WC onboard?

Yes, all our boats are equipped with WC.

Whether it is possible to turn on the music we have with us?

Yes, it is possible. All our boats are equipped with stereo systems, so it is possible to play music from USB flash drive and disk.

Whether it is possible to create personal route?

Yes, it is possible if it doesn’t contradict rules of boat movement along rivers and channels. You need to warn the administrator in advance about your desire to pass on a non-standard route.

Are there plaids onboard?

Yes, all our boats have warm plaids onboard for your comfort.

What time is the best one for viewing of bridges drawing?

From 00:30 a.m. till 02:00 a.m.

Is there a possibility to take us from other mooring?

There is the possibility. You need to coordinate with our administrator a place that is convenient for you beforehand. It is necessary to consider, that not all moorings suit for motor boat mooring. The cost of approach to the other mooring is 1000 rubles + idling time (from our mooring 26 Moyka Emb., to the chosen mooring) which is paid at a full rate.

Is it possible to organize banquet / buffet reception / celebration / with your help?

It is possible. We cooperate with the companies involved in organization of any celebrations and events and with catering companies which will lay a table of any complexity for you. Ordering a full service package, you receive full coherence of actions of all personnel (boat crew, catering, entertainment staff and decorators) and enjoy the celebration, having left all organizational concerns to us.

Whether it is possible to lay a table independently?

Yes, you can lay a table. However, after any feast cleaning is necessary – it costs 1000 rubles. Outdoors grill is at your disposal at every ship.

At what time (in advance) does the boat arrive?

In case you rent the boat for celebration it arrives 15 minutes prior to the start of the voyage. If preparation of your celebration requires more time, it is paid at a full rate. In case of ordering one of the services (catering, entertainment program, boat decoration) or ordering a full service package, we will organize preparation independently; it isn’t required to pay for preparation time.