My husband and I were planning to visit Saint-Petersburg for many years, but this year we managed to come to this strange and legendary city. Knowing that it is often called the Northern Venice, we decided to take a boat excursion, but we did not speak Russian (we don’t speak good English either)))) and we thought I would be a problem but fortunately we found this Neptun Company where nice young lady invited us to the ship and mage a marvelous excursion around the city. Audioguide was also very convenient. We are totally pleased. Thank you.
Mark and Briggite, Holland
We are totally pleased
My old Russian friend had a birthday right at the time of my visit St. Pet. So I decided to make a surprise for her, I decided to rent a boat and to have a nice party for her and her friends. But as I was quite far I preferred to have our “accommodation” to be sorted prior to leaving home, so I have found Neptun Co. and they ensured me that everything is booked and organized….bla…bla. Finally, all 25 party animal were onboard and the trip was awesome. I do recommend, guys!!
Roy, Prague
I do recommend
Only perfect impressions. You are professionals, indeed
Just visitors, Greece
Only perfect impressions
We love boat trips and take them whenever we can. We avoid the scrum boats full to the brim with party animals and tend to hire a boat with nice music and pleasant guide. It’s a great way to relax.
Melek, Istanbul
Great way to relax
Loved this. It brought back great memories of my recent boat trip in India. I was sunbathing and drinking champagne…. so I need to go back and try again!
Natalie, Sweden
Loved this