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Pleasure boat hire: comfort at a low price!

Summer, heat… Fresh air and a small pleasant wind are so welcoming… No wonder that in summer time pleasure boat hire is becoming more and more popular. Residents and visitors of Saint Petersburg want to spend time usefully and unusually and have fun. Certainly, price here plays an important role. The Neptune Company offers you to plunge into the world of water cruises at a reasonable price.

Pleasure boat hire at a good price

To have a good celebration we offer you to hire one of our boats. You will spend you time to good use and with pleasure as any celebration on a boat includes fresh air and a lot of impressions.

The best choice for a small company of up to 20 people is pleasure boat hire. This service will not be more expensive than an ordinary café rental. But in our case you will not worry that your celebration can be spoiled by strangers. There will be only your guests and professional staff.

If you want to hire a pleasure boat, just fill in the form on our site.

Do you dream of spending unforgettable time cruising on a mirror-like surface of the Neva River? Various sightseeing tours in the most beautiful part of St Petersburg, a wonderful performance of night city lights and other pleasant moments are waiting for you! Pleasure boat hire at a good price makes it possible.

Hiring a boat at the Neptune Company you can make your mind easy about the price of the event. We have different ways to save your money and provide quality:

  • You can choose a catering company yourself
  • You can set the table and serve your guests by your own means
  • You can choose the best boat for your money
  • We think about all organization problems!

These and many other bonuses let you get such a service as a pleasant boat hire at the best price. Have you got any questions? Call or write us!

“Svarog” features


Stereosystem (CD, mp-3), tables, leather settees, warm plaids, wc.


Excursion - 40 persons

Buffet reception – 25 persons

Banquet – 15 persons

Boat rent

7000 rub./h

In case you have questions
please call us: +7 (911) 924-44-52 or conact us via feedback form.
Also please visit FAQ page.