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A pleasure boat cruise – a magic tour around Saint Petersburg

Today we have a rush and busy life. No wonder that we want to switch off and enjoy simple things like listening to the gull’s cry or looking at the stars without making a long trip. A pleasure boat night cruise can make your dreams come true.

Besides, such experience will make you relax and keep calm – all that we need in the crazy rhythm of our today’s life.

A pleasure boat cruise in Saint Petersburg

If you want to be inspired by great achievements of outstanding historical personalities and be impressed by majestic palaces, we offer you a pleasure boat cruise tour. You will see places where lived and created Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, genius jeweler Fabergé and many other famous people.

Do you want to rest and have fun, invite your friends but you don’t know where? Our company offers you to organize a pleasure boat cruise in Saint Petersburg with a banquet or a buffet for 15-30 people. The program includes a balloon release, a voyage under the drawbridges, great music and high-quality service.

If you want to go like the wind but a car seems too simple, we offer you a ‘Bychok’ motor boat! Small and mobile, it can pass in the places where a bigger boat gets stuck.

Thanks to that you will have an opportunity to look at St Petersburg from an absolutely different point of view.

You can book a cruise, a guided tour or hire a motor boat or a pleasure boat just calling us at number +7 812 9244452.

“Mercury” features


Stereosystem (CD, mp-3), tables, leather settees, warm plaids, wc.


Excursion - 35 persons

Buffet reception – 30 persons

Banquet – 30 persons

Boat rent

6500 rub./h before 20.00

7000 rub./h after 20.00

During the white nights it's 7000 rub./h after 22.00.

In case you have questions
please call us: +7 (911) 924-44-52 or conact us via feedback form.
Also please visit FAQ page.