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How much is pleasure boat hire: prices and details of hire

Motorship "Neptun"

Excursion - 35 pers.
Buffet reception - 35 pers.
Banquet - 30 pers.
Rent from 7000 rub./h

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Motorship «Svarog»

Excursion - 40 pers.
Buffet reception - 25 pers.
Banquet - 15 pers.
Rent - 7000 rub./h

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Dear residents and visitors of Saint Petersburg! Don’t lose your chance to spend unforgettable days and nights on a pleasure boat! Our prices and hire conditions will surprise you pleasantly.

During the boat tour you will see beautiful sights of Saint Petersburg, the city on the Neva River. You can discuss the itinerary and the duration of the tour in advance. We will take into consideration all your wishes and will find a solution personally for you!

Our company offers a wide range of services:

  • Boat sightseeing tour
  • Night tours
  • A boat hire

How much is a boat sightseeing tour?

We offer boat sightseeing tours for the visitors of Saint Petersburg, our Northern Venice on a pleasure boat. Our prices are very reasonable.

To make your tour warm and cozy there are soft plaids and seats at your disposal as well as a great range of dishes.

Pleasure boats Neptune are at your disposal! Between 1 and 9pm the price of a sightseeing tour on a pleasure boat is 700 roubles.

We also have discounts:

  • for retired people and students the price is 600 roubles
  • for children under 14 years old the discount is 50%

Children under 7 years old enjoy our tours for free.

How much are night tours on St Petersburg rivers and canals?

Saint Petersburg is a wonderful city full of places of interest. Winter Palace, columns of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral and drawbridges impress you especially in night lights. We offer an original and breathtaking night sightseeing tour on rivers and canals of Saint Petersburg. You will not be disappointed about the price.

If you hire the entire pleasure boat, the bar is also at your disposal: various snacks and drinks will meet the most exigent demands.

Price of pleasure boat hire

Do you want to organize a party for you and your intimate friends and family? You are in the right place! The Neptune Company offers you a one-deck pleasure boat hire in Saint Petersburg. Prices depend on a tour destination and time of hire.

Morning and afternoon hire is cheaper than a night one.

The prices of a pleasure boat hire for a corporate party or any other important event start from 5000 roubles/hour for the Neptun pleasure boat, all the other boats hire prices are 6000-7000 roubles/hour. In the nighttime hire every price is 1000 roubles higher.

Have you decided to hire a pleasure boat? Please, place an order in advance to have a possibility to choose a boat that suits you.

In case you have questions
please call us: +7 (911) 924-44-52 or conact us via feedback form.
Also please visit FAQ page.