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Sightseeing tours on a pleasure boat

We are glad to invite you to the best sightseeing tour of Petersburg!

Everyday sightseeing motorships start their trip along rivers and channels of St. Petersburg at Moyka, 26 mooring. The most beautiful water route passes through small rivers and channels and enters Neva water area. You will see the Hermitage, the Bronze Horseman Monument, well-known Egyptian sphinxes, the Peter and Paul Fortress, Palace and Troitsk bridges, the Summer garden, Chizhyk-Pyzhik, Anichkov Bridge, Church of the Savior on Blood and other numerous sights.

Our highlight is excursions with the audioguide. Each guest onboard is given an individual device - an audioplayer with earphones, the record on which is synchronized with the speed of a ship. Excursion is read by the professional guide, whose competent speech and pleasant voice are accompanied by light music. Thus, our guests are free in their choice: if the story of the guide is interesting to them they listen to it with pleasure if they want to talk to friends or silently admire beauty of the city, they can easily take off their earphones.

Mooring address: 26 Moyka embankment

Schedule and excursion duration:

Daily service: 13:00; 14:00; 15:00; 16:00; 17:00; 17:30; 21:00*

Excursion duration: 1 hour

*Trip at 21:00 is possible only if you gave early booking


  • Adults – 700 rub
  • Retiree, students – 600 rub
  • Children under 14 – 400 rub
  • Children under 7 – free

Audioguide languages

Russian (RU)

English (GB)

German (DE)

French (FR)

Italian (IT)

Spanish (ES)

Japanese (JP)

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Карта маршрута

Saint Petersburg canals and rivers are called Northern Venice because there are more 70 waterways in the city. We offer you to enjoy beautiful buildings and get to know the history of the city.

A fascinating tour on rivers and canals of Northern Venice will disclose an unknown world of Saint Petersburg for you. Sightseeing tours on the Neva River on a pleasure boat will let you plunge into the historical atmosphere of old Saint Petersburg.

Standard itineraries start at the Moyka River and finish at the quay. During the tour you will see beautiful sights of the Winder Palace, Peter and Paul Fortress and many other historical monuments.

A sightseeing tour on a pleasure boat will let you see Saint Petersburg as it was in Fabergé times, when this famous jeweler lived and worked. Mariinsky thatre and Kolomna side of Saint Petersburg, the Admiralty building and other remarkable historic monuments will make you remember your trip for ever and, of course, take marvelous photos.

A pleasure boat, Saint Petersburg, a sightseeing tour…

What associations do these words provoke in you? Especially for students and their parents we have developed itineraries that will let you get acquainted to the story of the city. From the Moyka quay to the Neva quay you will see the best chefs-d’oeuvre made by outstanding architects. An audio guide will tell you where and how the great masterpieces of St Petersburg architecture were created.

Sightseeing tour on a pleasure boat: the prices are reasonable

Especially for the visitors and residents of Saint Petersburg the Neptune Company has prepared sightseeing tours on a pleasure boat at low prices.

For your comfort we offer you to use an audio guide. You can listen to the information about historical places of the city via headphones or just put them off and enjoy silence and wonderful views from the boat.

If you choose our sightseeing tours on a pleasure boat, you won’t be disappointed with the price! The price for adults is 700 roubles, for children 400 roubles.

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